Adventure in Tallinn Old Town

What are we doing

We’ll have an adventure in Tallinn Old Town. We’ll talk interesting legends and stories about the Old Town. During one hour walk you get to know the most important things about Tallinn – why is Tallinn limping, where was the mummy living, what happened to the builder of Oleviste church, and how long shoes could a citizen wear. Finally, we will take a rest in the medieval studio of Örreke,  we’ll have a refreshing drink and delicious medieval sweets. A tour and a visit to the studio will take 90 minutes. If you wish, you can order a mosaic workshop in the studio.

The adventure is enjoyable and simple craft workshop attract everyone regardless the size of the group, the age of a traveler, or the purpose of the trip. 

The tour and the workshop can be done in Estonian, Russian, English, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. A good group size for the adventure is 10-18 people.

For children groups, we offer an adventure together with storytelling workshop in our studio. Adventure and studio visit takes 90 minutes. Prices for children groups start from 7 euros.

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